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Changelog v0.5.0

Major version
All the code was refact. Faster Better Stronger, your favorite mice lab colony manager reborn.
Currently some tools was unusable : they will be fastly re-activate!
The public part of the site will be change soon with more representative features.

MiceManager - Online management software of laboratory mouse colony

MiceManager is a online interface to a database solution to manage your lab mice.
This software provide an easy way to work in real-time with your team members for free or low cost. So, why work on table file when you can work online in the 21th centuary ?

MiceManager resume
Identify your mouse as usual with incremental ID !
Add your mice on our web server !
Work on your browser securely with updated SSL encryption !
Manage your mice, cross, and follow their state with programmable alarms !
This website is designed to provide you a good experience in the management of your mouse colony, to learn more about how, see the features .
The security of this service is a large part of our project : your data exchange are protected by HTTPS (see the lock on your URL bar) and all the data contained on our server are replicated to avoid any loss, to learn more about how see the security . More, you can easly export to a .xlsx file your database to have a local copy or to leave MiceManager with no loss.

It is expensive ?

Surely not ! is totaly free to use for public Academy research and very cheap for other. Because is oriented medium-lab scale, the real cost is low ! Your participation too.
So your fees depend of your use! Low and economic using means low fee. Simple!

Join us!
Register on for known institut or contact us to add your institut!

MiceManager - Features

The available features are in constant evolution! Please, follow this tab and/or the changelog news to know the new or changed/deleted features.

Colony Features

  • Folder like: one sheet by strain for more fairness and drag-n-drop system to do fast classement
  • Mice Creator: a tool linked to the database allowing the autocompletion, the fomatting and the multiple mice creation
  • Soft filters: find your mouse easily by the ID, the genetic, the litter or the parents
  • Fast color labelling: create your color rules and let MiceManager highlight the genetics for you
  • Cages manager: create your cage repartions and see fast the full or empty cages and their composition

Individual mouse Features

  • Individual sheet: graphic and easy-to-read, the individual sheet is for interesting mice, allowing the modification of the tags
  • Timeline: see fast with the timeline if your mouse is fertile, has been injected or if some events are programed
  • Tags: your database users can reserve, follow or specify a good breader with 1 click
  • Weight Monitor: follow the weight of your normal/pregnant mice*

Working in Real-time

  • Database linking: share and link your mice, litters and strains as snapshot or real-time link
  • Message box: receive server alert or communicate with your users
  • Seconds latency: all modification are share immediately
  • Booking: reserve available mice and see who have reserved
  • Trace-log: find who have done mistake or what's happened on the database

Official printing

  • Genotyping report: print a formated report of your genotyping results, showing the mice to be kill
  • State report: print a state report of your strains for keep a trace of your management
*The Weight Monitor share automaticaly the weight & the genetic background with MiceManager for statistical computing. These data are NOT share or accesible by others users.

Security Architecture

The available security architecture may change by convenience without any communications.

Security Architecture

Security architecture

  • SSL/TLS: the secure protocol of HTTPS responsible of the symetric encryption between the client (you) and the server (us)
  • VAC Anti-DDOS: the third-part server responsible for discharging Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks
  • Red Firewall: firewall allowing the use of the site
  • SSH: highest secure protocol from the Emergency Server to synchronize the data
  • Blue Firewall: high temprature firewall blocking everythings (except in case of emergency where is become "Red firewall")
  • RAID10: 10 hard replications by server (only against hardware crash)

Data redundancy

  • Current Daily: daily autobackup limited to 7 backups by week
  • Current Weekly: weekly autobackup limited to 5 backups by month
  • Current Monthly: monthly autobackup unlimited
  • Daily synchronisation: daily synchronisation between servers
  • Emergency Daily: daily autobackup limited to 7 backups by week
  • Emergency Weekly: weekly autobackup limited to 5 backups by month
  • Emergency Monthly: monthly autobackup unlimited

MiceManager prices

MiceManager prices


During the beta-test (version < 1.0.0), all is free & unlimited!

In two words

  • Pay-to-use: pay only for your using. Economic and smart using = cheap database solution !
  • Wallet: fill your wallet with Braintree by Paypal and benefit of bonus depending of your status!
  • Starter boost: as a demo, take your Starter boost of 30 € !
  • Never blocked, Never banned: you have not enough money to fill your wallet ? You prefere to keep this 10 € to buy some coffee ? Continue to use MiceManager with some limitation

Status & Benefits

  • Unknown: available during one month waiting a true status.
  • Company & Industrial: benefit of +5% on buying during the first year. Each mouse cost 0.2€
  • Start-up: benefit of +10% on buying. Each mouse cost 0.1€. Status available during 3 years
  • Private Academy: benefit of +10% on buying. Each mouse cost 0.1€
  • Public Academy: benefit of +20% on buying. Each mouse cost 0.1€. No restrictions if you do not pay!
  • Pioneer: you helped MiceManager for a technical issue ? your idea have improved MiceManager ? MiceManager thank you by this temporary status and benefit of an income of 40 € by month and +30% on buying ! Each mouse cost 0.1€

  • *Special*: you have a massive project for an infrastructure (like Animal House or entire Institut), please take contact with me to discut about that. It is possible to have your private server(1) / interface / domain / security rules...

Using restrictions

  • Xlsx exporter: this tool is disabled
  • Transfer (share): this tool is disabled, transfered mice are not affected (because they are already transfered)
  • Linking (share): all links are breaked and the tool is disabled. The linking composition are not kept -please, take care of your wallet if you use this tool-
  • Genotyping report: this tool still active, the report become a "special under 0€ report"
  • Importer: this tool is disabled
(1). In all case, MiceManager is proprietary source code. MiceManager provides maintenance and implementation only on its server.

MiceManager - Screenshots

See MiceManager interface without registration, login or data


Mouse's sheet




Xlsx Importer


Cross tool


Cage tool


PDF Reporter


Database overview


Frequently Asked Question

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This FAQ will evolute with the use. Share your problem to to enrich this part of the website.

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