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Development suspended

The development of is suspended... waiting for free time to rewrite the UI. You can still use it as it is.

MiceManager - Online management software of laboratory mouse colony

MiceManager is a online interface to a database solution to manage your lab mice.
This software provide an easy way to work in real-time with your team members for free. So, why work on table file when you can work online in the 21th centuary ?

MiceManager resume
Identify your mouse as usual with incremental ID !
Add your mice on our web server !
Work on your browser securely with updated SSL encryption !
Manage your mice, cross, and follow their state with programmable alarms !
This website is designed to provide you a good experience in the management of your mouse colony, to learn more about how, see the features .
The security of this service is a large part of our project : your data exchange are protected by HTTPS (see the lock on your URL bar) and all the data contained on our server are replicated to avoid any loss, to learn more about how see the security . More, you can easly export to a .xlsx file your database to have a local copy or to leave MiceManager with no loss.

It is expensive ?

Surely not ! is free!